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By Alistair Dawson

Cambridge Squash Club remains at Swavesey until March 2021
As we are moving out of the 2nd lockdown we wanted to give you an update on where we stand as a club. We have decided that we will keep the club playing out of Swavesey squash club until March 2021. So far the club has been running fantastically thanks to the efforts of the Swavesey committee with amazing work done on refurbishing the courts, heating and general club, getting leagues running and creating a great atmosphere - the club is really buzzing. 

As uncertainty continues well into next year we decided it was best to keep the club in a place where it can be stable and predictable - where we can play as much safe squash as is allowed within the guidelines. Please be assured this is temporary and we remain committed to squash in Cambridge once things are more normal.

Swavesey Squash Club & Cambridge Squash Club
It's good news that from 2nd December squash will be allowed in tier 2 (which we are in). England Squash have published provisional rules that allow socially distanced/sides squash within your squash bubble (6 people) or full court squash between members of your household. For full details see the guidance here. Swavesey squash club have adopted these rules in full.
How to join Swavesey -  you can get a special rate for 3 months for £70 - to do so email We strongly recommend you do! 

Cambridge University Sports Centre 
The sports centre have again adopted a more stringent rule of either solo play or household play and have significantly reduced their operating hours (only open 2 evenings a week) until 23rd December. More information here

If you have any questions please don't hesitate to get in touch.

Cambridge Squash Club Committee


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