East Anglia Racketlon UK Tour Event

By Alistair Dawson

Dear Members.......

This is the first Racketlon tour event to be held in the area for a few years. It is taking place at the UEA Sportspark in Norwich on Sunday 08th September 2019.

There is no requirement to be strong at all 4 racket sports (Table Tennis, Badminton, Squash & Tennis) as one of the many beauties of Racketlon is that it caters for all ages & abilities

We are looking to get as many local players to participate as we can from this region

We have increasingly found that players new to Racketlon are strong in say 1 or 2 sports, but after their Racketlon debuts, they are keen to play again, and they go to local table tennis, badminton, squash & tennis clubs to receive coaching / increase court time and improve their game. 
Additionally, if there is anyone else you feel might benefit from giving Racketlon a go, then please do not hesitate to forward this on  

If anyone wants any more details, please ask them to look at the informative UK Racketlon website https://www.racketlon.co.uk or feel free to contact me via andyrwilson@sky.com or on mobile (outside of office hours) on 07952 625526

Best Regards & Many Thanks

Andy Wilson

By Jonathan Hughes
Posts: 2
I’ve registered. But rusty on the Badminton so if anyone fancies a hit before Norwich let me know. 
By Jonathan Hughes
Posts: 2
Got a runners up medal in my grade. Missed out on Gild by just two points!