New Court timings from Thursday 23rd May and CSC Bookings offline for next 3-4 weeks!!

By Alistair Dawson

Dear Members......

Due to the increased number of members now playing Squash at the University Sports centre, CSC/USC and the University Sports centre had a meeting a few months back to discuss how to increase court availability when we move into the new season later this year.
  The proposed solution was to alter the court timings slightly so that the first court available will now be at 7:00-7:45 and the last court available will now be 21:15-22:00.
  The University understand that players still need to be showered and must be off the premises by 22:30 as that is when the doors are officially closed.
  This creates an additional 5 courts per day and hence and extra 35 courts per week and an extra 150 courts per month.
  However the Uni booking system does not cater for dynamic changes to court times meaning that when they make this change on Thursday 23rd of May, any existing bookings already in the system will keep their original times and any new bookings made after 23rd May will use the new times, resulting in the possibility that you can have lots of gaps in the bookings over this first month.
  As the CSC system will dynamically change existing bookings with the new times (these would conflict with the existing Uni bookings and will cause issues), hence CSC have decided to take our booking page and syncing functionality offline for the next 3-4 weeks while the existing bookings in both systems can become alligned.
CSC will do this late Wednesday evening!
We know this will make arranging league games more difficult in June (no matchmaker functionality), but we hope you can use the smart phone app and then either email/phone as a replacement to get you games arranged.
CSC will also remove any existing matchmakers in the system.
For those of you who have never used the smart phone app, please download the app from the following sites onto your mobile device.

Your Smart phone app login details should have been given to you when you joined up at the Uni, it was these details that you would have also entered into your CSC profile page into the 'Uni User' and 'Uni Password' fields.
Please log into the CSC website and goto Bookings -> My Details to find out your Smart app login details.

Please bear with us and please report any issue using the smart phone app to the University in case they experience issues with court overlaps etc.
  Contact Reception , 01223 336580
  Sorry for the Inconvenience and happy SmartApp Booking.
  CSC Committee


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