International Update

By Bob Maison

Watching the top players perform can always be motivational so where to watch? PSA Live, Euro-teams’ championships in Birmingham last week but in actual fact the biggest collection of world champions, national champions and all-round top players were to be found at the Women’s 055 Home internationals in Galway this past weekend.
With England fielding two former world champions, a current world silver medallist and a British open finalist at 5th string it was clear that England would be tough to beat and so it proved. However, Scotland could field two such champions of their own, so it was certainly a star-studded event for anyone who knows their Squash.
So, congratulations to England and to our own Sarah Howlett unbeaten over the weekend in her 6th Home International series.

And now Sarah, Reka and Kate Bradshaw, Plus Tony Gay and James Powley are off to the British Open Masters in Hull towards the end of the month.
Possible clash of the tournament will come when former World champion and world no1 Rachel Grinham , still playing on the PSA tour, goes head to head with our own Reka Gay.
Hope your ready Rachel? Don’t say you haven’t been warned.

BM 060519

By Andrew Dawson
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Good luck everyone! Fantastic representation :)