And the Prize Winners of the April Leagues are....?

By Alistair Dawson

Dear All CSC league players.................
 Just to say well done to so many players completing all your matches in the month of April and we had a record number of evening league matches played this month with 221!
Anyway 20 out of the 26 evening leagues and 2 out of 4 lunchtime leagues (pending) resulted in the winning player completing all of their matches with no walkovers as shown below.

Ali Dawson
Alastair Carrington
Adam Jackson
Josh Bell
Adam Prosser
Andy Stott
Toby Copeland
Ben Croston
Rory Pearson
Mark Perriton
John Yarham
Paul Walker
Rob Barber
Duncan Grindley
Lee Smith
Nathan Hutton
Roger Belsunce
Nick Chornay
David Benyon
Stephen Groves
Simon Napper
Jonathan Allin

Inputting these 22 names into the following random name picker tool resulted in the following 5 winners:-

Free Coaching - Nathan Hutton  (evening league 19)
Free Restring - Duncan Grindley  (evening league 16)
CSC Goodie Bag  - John Yarham (evening league 12)      
Bottle Prosecco - Rory Pearson (evening league 10)
CSC T-Shirt - Rob Barber (evening league 15)

CSC will contact the 5 winners over the next few days to distribute the prizes.

Thanks again and all the best for the May leagues.

CSC Committee


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