Cambridge Squash Club Closed 2018/19 Draws

By Joseph Reeds

Thank you for entering the Cambridge Squash Club Closed 2018/19

Please read all of this email!

Tournament Information
The tournament is a standard knockout draw with a plate and 3/4 play-off (Mixed and Womens Only). This means you are guaranteed two matches as a minimum. All matches up-to the semi-finals are to be arranged by the players at a mutually suitable time but before the deadline stipulated in the schedule.

Tournament Rules
  1. It is the responsibility of the seeded player to organise the match before the date in the match schedule, if neither player is seeded it is the responsibility of player in the top bracket to arrange organise the match.
  2. All match results must be submitted to with game scores by 10pm on the date in the match schedule.
  3. If no result is submitted and no reason has been given the player in the bottom bracket, or unseeded player will go through.
  4. Matches can be played either Point-a-rally 11 or 15 - if there is a dispute PAR 11 is to be used.

Booking Courts
This is a huge tournament (over 150 matches) and getting a court might be difficult - please try and get your games in as soon as possible as the courts will be rammed as you get close to the deadlines. We are suspending matchmakers until the end of the tournament to free up courts. Please prioritise your tournament matches over your league matches. 

Seeding has been using input from various key individuals in the club. Please note that the seeding is done in groups 1-2,3-4,4-8,8-16,16-32. So if you are seeded 32 is doesn't mean we think your worse that 20 just that we believe your somewhere between 16 and 32.

Match Schedule
Until the semi-finals all matches are self-scheduled please see the schedule here.

Contact Details
The contact details for players are attached.

The tournament draws are done using SportyHQ and available here, they will be updated as the results come in:
The draw will also be up at the club.

Get organising, any questions, mistake etc drop me an email



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