CSC Xmas Super Club Afternoon - Sat 15th December 16:00-18:30

By Alistair Dawson

Dear All....
CSC will be holding the annual Xmas super club night on Sat 15th of December from 16:00-18:30.

Again we are looking for up to 21 players across all standards to participate in this event. 

As usual there will be prizes for the winning players and free food/mince pies and free drinks for all those competing in the Super Xmas Club night.

Being Xmas we will also be doing a raffle so please bring some cash (£3) in order to purchase a ticket. There will be 21 prizes so every ticket will receive a prize!

This is open to all CSC members of all standards so please feel free to spread the word to anyone wishing to participate! Please confirm your attendance asap ( if you can definitely make it as this event is strictly limited to the first 21 players!

This year instead of a team competition we will have 3 mini competitions with 8 players in the Gold and Silver groups and 5 players in the Bronze Group.

Hence the best 8 players will go into the Gold group competition, the next 8 players will go into the Silver competition and the remaining 5 players into the Bronze competition.
Point handicaps will be issued to balance up any vast differences between standards within the same competition.
Each match will last exactly 10 mins and each player will get a minimum of 4 matches (so 4x10mins) - 40mins court time.

Hence Rough schedule:-
16:00-16:15 People turning up and the Rules explained. 
16:15-18:00 Gold/Silver/Bronze Competitions
18:00-18:30 Presentations/Raffle etc

P.S We also have some new CSC T-shirts for Sale for £7.50 or £10 including a raffle ticket! 

Dont miss out!
CSC Committee


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