Mens Draws: Cambridge Squash Club Closed 2017/18

By Joseph Reeds

Thank you for entering the Cambridge Squash Club Closed 2017/18

Please read all of this email!

Tournament Information
The tournament is a standard 64 draw knockout with a plate and 3/4 play-off. This means you are guaranteed two matches as a minimum. All matches up-to the semi-finals are to be arranged by the players at a mutually suitable time but before the deadline. As there are byes for some matches please pay attention to the draw as you may still go through to the plate if you lose a 2nd round match.

Tournament Rules
It is the responsibility of the player in the top bracket to organise the match before the date in the match schedule.
All match results must be submitted to with game scores by 10pm on the date in the match schedule.
If no result is submitted and no reason has been given the player in the bottom bracket will go through.
All matches are to be played PAR 11 best of 5 games.

Match Schedule
The first round matches must be played by 14th May (Matches A1-32)
The second round must be played by 24th May (Matches A33-48, B1-16)
The third round must be played by 1st June (Matches A49-56, B17-24)
The quarter finals must be played by 5th June (Matches A57-60, B25-28)
The semi-finals will be played on the evening of 6th June  (Matches A61-62, B29-30)
The finals will be on the evening of the 7th June (Matches A63, B31, H1 )

Contact Details
The contact details for most players are available here:
If they are not please contact me.


Mens O45 and Womens Draws to follow


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