CSC Xmas Super Club Night - Wed 13th December 19:00 onwards

By Alistair Dawson

Dear Members...CSC will be holding the annual Xmas super club night on WEDNESDAY (Yes a Wednesday) 13th of December from 19:00 onwards. Again we are looking for up to 32 players across all standards to participate in this event. 

As usual there will be prizes for the winning teams and free food/mince pies and free drinks for all those competing in the Super Xmas Club night.
Being Xmas we will also be doing a raffle so please bring some cash in order to purchase a few tickets. We had plenty of prizes last year so dont miss out!

This is open to all CSC members of all standards so please feel free to spread the word to anyone wishing to participate! Please confirm your attendance asap ( if you can definitely make it as this event is strictly limited to the first 32 players!

The rough format of the evening is to have 8 teams of 4 players and these teams will be split into 2 groups of 4. Hence 3 group matches for each team.
After the 3 rounds of group matches have been played, then the top 2 teams from each group will play the final , the 2nd place teams in each group will play the 3rd/4th play off, 3rd place teams the 5th/6th playoff and the 4th place teams 7th/8th playoff.

Each team match will last exactly 30 minutes and will be split into 4 individual matches of 7 minutes with a 30 second change over. Hence each player should get 4x7min matches each.
We will have a loud whistle and timer to make sure all matches run at the same time.

Hence Rough schedule:-
19:00-19:15 people turning up and put into teams of 4 and the Rules explained. 
19:15-19:30 quick 3/4 court warm up
19:30-20:00 1st Group Matches
20:00-20:30 2nd Group Matches
20:30-21:00 3rd Group Matches
21:00-21:30 Final, 3rd/4th, 5th/6th, 7th/8th matches.
21:30-22:00 Presentations/Raffle etc

Dont miss out!
CSC Committee


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