CSC Club Nights and Daytime/Lunchtime Parking!

By Alistair Dawson

Dear Members...
Please read the following news about CSC club night and daytime/lunchtime parking.

CSC Sunday Club Nights
Just to let you know that it has been decided that CSC will now only run one weekly club night on a Sunday from 17:45-20:00.
As last year the usual 3 courts that CSC had booked out every Sunday for club nights are again being reduced to make way for the University student training sessions during their term times.
Unfortunately this means that CSC will only have the following reduced courts between the following dates.
  Sunday 8th October - Sunday 26th November 
  Sunday 21st January - Sunday 11th March
  Sundays 17:45-18:30 - 2 courts
                 18:30-20:00 - 1 court

Please note that all other Sundays outside the term dates above CSC will have the usual 3 club night courts

  Sundays 17:45-20:00 - 3 courts

Sorry for the inconvenience but we hope the club nights will still continue to be well attended.
Happy Club Nights

Daytime/Lunchtime Parking
Just to let all the daytime players know that the Uni centre has had permission to use the land that is to the left of the building as a Car Park during the day from 9am to 3:30pm!
So for daytime and lunchtime users you don’t need to park in the disabled bays and collect a pass from reception.  You will however need to give you registration number to reception upon arrival.
Happy Parking.

CSC Committee

By Andrew Dawson
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Hurrah for parking! :)