Instructions on using Booking System

By Alistair Dawson

Dear Members...
For those of you who are new to using the CSC booking system, here are some brief instructions on how to make the various types of bookings:- 

  Standard booking -  When you know who your opponent is, your would choose their name when booking the court and hence an email will automatically be sent to yourself and also your opponent with an optional additional message.
  Matchmaker Booking - When you want to play somebody in the same league as yourself, creating this type of booking will automatically send an email to all the players in your league with a link to confirm the court. The first of these players to click the link will confirm the court and send your a confirmation email back, hence turning it into a standard booking.
  Placeholder Booking - When you do not yet have an opponent but you wish to reserve a court for a specific time/day. In this case once you find an opponent you should log back into the CSC bookings and click on your placeholder booking and type in your opponents name and hence turning it into a standard booking. 
  Practice Booking - When you generally want to practice by yourself, CSC ask you to be sensitive and avoid booking practice courts during busy times
  Visitor Booking - When you are playing someone who is not a member within the CSC booking system.
Deleting your bookings is easy, just click on your booking and choose delete, an email will also be sent to your opponent informing them the court has been deleted.
Info about Matchmaker/Placeholder Bookings
Please note that there is a limit on the number of Matchmaker and Placeholder bookings each member can have at any one time. This is currently set to 4 Matchmakers and 4 Placeholders.

Also note that the CSC booking system will AUTOMATICALLY delete both Matchmaker and Placeholder type bookings if they have not been changed into a standard booking at least 72 hours before the booked court or no-one has clicked the matchmaker or you have not changed your placeholder into a standard booking after 7 days after you created the booking. You will always receive an email letting you know when one of your court bookings has expired and hence removed from the system. 

This allows courts to be AUTOMATICALLY freed up when people have not found opponents/league opponents to play.
Hence it is NOT POSSIBLE to book a Placeholder or Matchmaker in the next 72 hours as the court will be automatically deleted straight after booking it.

Finally if you encounter any problems while using the CSC booking system then please drop Alistair Dawson a polite email with the symptons of your problem to help him locate and fix the issue.  

Thats about it, Happy Booking!


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