Performance Analysis

By Bob Maison

Over the last 10 years or so Video and Performance analysis has become an increasingly important tool for Coach and Player and the Performance analyst has become an increasingly important factor to all Professional Sports Teams. The advent of less expensive technology has now made it possible for virtually all Pro players to record themselves on tour and then sit with their Coaches and analyse performances ; strengths and weaknesses, where winners are hit, where errors are made. Even the most experienced coaches in any sport will only remember 40% maximum of any performance and in “real time” it is difficult to remember patterns of play and in the case of Squash the 2-3 shots that lead up to an error being made or a winner being struck. Having access to performance details is not just for Pro players - it is a increasingly valuable tool for all players, so if you would like to have one of your matches videoed and the performance analysed - winners; errors ; Serve and return accuracy, shot distribution and patterns of play. So if you are interested in having a video and a performance analysis of one of your matches then drop me a mail or give me a call. Bob M


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