Seth Memorial Competition 2017 - Sat 16th Sept 13:00-17:00

By Alistair Dawson

Dear Members

Just to let you know the Seth Memorial Handicap Fun Competition will take place at the University Sports Centre on Sat 16th September from 13:00-17:00.
It will be a fun based handicap competition so open to all standards and everyone will get an equal number of matches.

The winner of the tournament will receive a trophy to keep as well as being engraved on the Annual Seth Memorial Trophy that will remain in the players lounge.
As usual CSC are offering free nibbles and drinks for those competing in the competition. 

As last year we will have the following handicaps
  Wooden Racket   
  Reduced Strung Racket   
  Polo Strings
  Par v English
  Opposite Handed
  Wear an Eye Patch
  2 bounces allowed.
  No back wall.
  Weighted Jacket.
  Two Hands on Racket at all times.
  Tele Squash
  Length Game
  Every other shot is a boast
  Score difference (1 v 2)
  Score difference (1 v 3)
  Score difference (1 v 4)
  Racket Ball Racket 

This is open to members/non members of all standards so please feel free to spread the word to anyone wishing to participate! 
Please confirm your attendance asap to if you can make it so we can organise numbers/format beforehand. 

There is an optional donation of £5 per entrant and all proceeds will go to the British Heart Foundation and the Alzheimers Society charities.

Thats about it, hope to see you there.

The Committee


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