Smart Phone App - Fixed

By Alistair Dawson

Hi All...

Solution 19/07/2017
I believe the 4 weeks advance booking functionality has just been fixed so please continue to use the CSC website and Smart phone application to books courts as you did before the upgrade.

Previous Problem 13/07/2017 - 19/07/2017 (6 days)
It seems that the Smart phone app will only let you book 7 days in advance (not 4 weeks as previously functionality). Hence if you try and use the CSC system to book more than 7 days in advance then you will receive an error stating ''Couldn't book court on the uni system".
Again we need to wait for the smart app company/Uni to rectify/configure it again before the 4 weeks functionality is restored. 

Previous Problem 10/07/2017-13/07/2017 (4 days)
It seems as though the Uni Smart Phone Application is currently unavailable due to an upgrade in the software. Hence in the meantime it is not possible to book any Squash courts using the smart phone app and hence not using the CSC online booking system either. You will probably receive an error from the CSC booking system stating:- ''Couldn't book court on the uni system".
Hence we will let you know when we hear from the Uni and when things are likely to be operational again.
In the meantime - we will just have to revert to the old phoning up the Uni reception to book courts on:- 
01223 336580

CSC Committee

By Andrew Dawson
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"forgot to tell anyone" - developer speak for "Don't tell anyone or they'll moan about it, just do it."
By Adrienne Pett
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Ali - it seems like this has happened again! You have not been able to book for 4 weeks in advance for a couple of weeks. I have mentioned it to them but they didn't really seem interested!