Dishonour charges and Court Bookings

By Alistair Dawson

All, It has come to our attention that people are occasionally being issued a £5 dishonor charge without full knowledge of why.
We have just been informed by the Uni that dishonour charges are applied even if you cancel the court in the last 2 hours before the booking.

Therefore please do not book a court for the next 2 hours and then immediately cancel it as this will incur the £5 dishonour charge!!

Likewise you MUST cancel a court you are not going to turn up for AT LEAST 2 hours before the booking!!

Likewise do not make Matchmaker or Placeholder type bookings for a court within the next 2 hours as these types of bookings are automatically deleted by CSC 48 hours before the court booking. Hence in these cases a booking will be created and immediately deleted and if it is within the next 2 hours then the Uni will apply the £5 dishonour charge without your knowledge.

CSC will be making some updates to our booking system over the next few weeks to prevent members from being able to chose the Placeholder or Matchmaker type bookings if the court you want to book is within the next 48 hours.
Instead in these cases you should use the CSC Practice type booking and then try and find a short term opponent. 
As above please remember to cancel this practice type court if you do not find an opponent and do not require the court anymore (2 hours before) otherwise the £5 dishonour charge will apply.

We have also asked the Uni to see if the Smart Phone app can be configured to send out push text message notifications to remind you of your daily bookings. (Similar to dentist appointment reminder text messages). In this case you would have full up to date knowledge of your days bookings and would have plenty of time to cancel them without incurring the £5 dishonour charge.

We will keep you informed on any updates.
Thats about it. Happy Booking!
CSC Committee


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