Internal Leagues - BYE functionality

By Alistair Dawson

Hi all league players
 There has been lots of confusion about when to use the league BYE functionality and how to use it correctly.
 CSC suggests the following are acceptable reasons for when to use a BYE although players should ideally decide/agree amongst themselves when a BYE is truly justified and should be a last resort:-
 1. If you opponent fails to turn up to a pre-arranged league game.
 2. If your opponent cancels a league game late on in the month meaning there is not enough time to reschedule another one.
 3. If a player has been injured partway through a league and cannot play their remaining games.

 Please use the following scoring when submitting a BYE result:  BYE-0  as this should give you 1 point and your opponent 0 points.
 I know it can be annoying when you have suggested multiple dates for a possible league game and your opponent has failed to respond or suggest an alternative date and you really want to use that BYE. However please do not use it in this case as it goes against what the leagues are for.
 Instead please please could all league players try their best to respond to match requests even if you cannot make it on any of the suggested dates.
 Thats about it, please use the BYE functionality as a last resort as we all want to play as many league games as possible!
 Happy Squashing
 CSC Committee
 07960 288966


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