Improving your Mental Skills

By Bob Maison

Involved in sport as we are, most of us will have heard some world or Olympic champion say that "the last 5% is in the head.
However for games like Squash requiring complex decision making for periods of 20 minutes to over an hour then the % is considerably higher. If we consider that there are 4 basic elements- technical, physical, tactical and mental then if you are doing nothing to improve your mental skills then you are missing 25%. Worse still, your mental skills enable you to focus on your tactical approach, so if you are lacking in that area, executing a game plan will be difficult.
But having good mental skills is not just for Olympians, we all need them if we have aspirations of  “improving”. Your goal might be a National" call up (the club has a few) It might be a county call up (the club has loads) or you might just want to get past the awkward bugger in the box leagues!

We will all have experienced frustration, anxiety, loss of focus, lack of self belief, loss of motivation or concentration issues. You are not alone, every player including the worlds’ best, have had these difficulties at some point.

However the top players have been taught the skills and mental drills to work through to improve in this crucial area. And - it's important to appreciate that these are learned skills, developed with practice, over a significant period.-No one is born with them!

If this is something you would like to work on or know more about then contact me at the club or on
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