You may be fit, but are you 'squash fit'?

By Morgan Young

You know the feeling... You're half way through a game and not quite getting to shots you would normally return easily, you're not recovering between points and you are absolutely out of gas, pretty horrible right?

Well the good news is that this can be avoided, and you can be physically fitter than your opponent during your match and also have greater mental durability because of that... benefits I think we all would like during competitive sport.

As soon as I get the demand, I'll be putting on small group, dedicated SquashFit sessions in the gym at the club. These will be 100% specific to improving your fitness for squash. That means no pointless exercises, no confusion and visible, applicable results! Each session will have a slightly different, squash specific focus point to work on so your body doesn't get used to it and it's constantly taking on new stimuli, which brings on constant results and adaptation!

The session times and frequency are completely down to the demand from you guys, I'm more than happy to do 3 or 4, even 5 times a week if there is enough uptake! The pricing of these sessions will work on a monthly basis when we get these up and running properly (will be more cost effective for you guys) but for now the first session you attend is absolutely free, and if you bring a friend to a subsequent session you'll get that free also, and when you run out of friends then it's just £5 for the hour (but I'm sure you all have loads of friends). I'll be holding a taster session that is obviously free to everyone, so look out for that at the end of this post.

I'll be keeping the maximum attendance per class to 6 MAX because then I can give each and every one of you the 1-2-1 attention and coaching that will allow you to improve. Also, before you attend the taster session (it isn't mandatory, but I'd strongly advise it) it would be best to book in a mobility and fitness assessment. It's only £5 for 45 mins - 1 hour and will allow me to identify your weak points, tight spots and strengths so that I can give you exercises to rectify this so you can train harder, recover faster and ultimately perform better. You can contact me at any time to book this in if you'd like to.

So, the taster session...

I'll be holding a taster session on Friday 15/08/2014 at 7pm and another at 8pm if we get the demand. It is completely FREE however please do either comment, email me at or call/text me on 07958466435 to book your space now and get on track to playing better squash!

Yours in sport,


By Alistair Dawson
Posts: 8
This sounds exactly what i need after a few months of binge eating/drinking, put me down for the taster!
By Alastair Carrington
Posts: 1
Very keen to do this! Can you please put myself and Jessica Dobson down for the taster session - we are also both be keen for the pre-taster mobility and fitness assessment too! 
By Morgan Young
Posts: 2
Brilliant! Yep you're all down, no worries. Alastair C. and Jessica, if you can email me on the address listed in the post we can set a date and time for your assessment? Also guys, I've seen that there has been a ladies club night set up for the same date and time... what are your thoughts on this? do you reckon it'd be best to reschedule or do you think we should keep it where it is? Cheers guys!
By Ian Gould
Posts: 1
Always keen to improve my fitness. Count me in for the taster.
By Morgan Young
Posts: 2
No worries Ian. Please can you all from now on (I've registered everyone else) register for the class by visiting this link and registering on teamup which will then let you book in. TeamUp is my new booking system!